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Jewelry Guide - Gemstones

Semi Precious:


- Mohs hardness rating: 9

- Found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Australia.

Sapphire is the name for any gem in the Corundum family of gemstones that is not red -- red Corundum is the gemstone we call Ruby. Sapphires are found in green, orange, pink, gray, colorless, black, brown, and purple. But of course, the most treasured sapphire color is blue, and the name sapphire comes from the Greek word for "blue."

Precious and strong, the sapphire was a choice gem among kings, gracing crowns from India and Burma to England. For those who prefer a colored stone for engagement rings, the sapphire is a particularly good choice because it is second only to the diamond (and equal to the ruby) in terms of hardness and durability. It can be worn everyday without the caution needed with more fragile gemstones like the opal or topaz.

In ancient and modern lore, the sapphire is known as a powerful talisman to ward off evil and fear. Good luck should come to its wearer, along with increased strength. It brings wealth to its wearer, literally and symbolically, for it enhances creativity and inspiration. Also, it is believed that wearing a sapphire influences spirits and promotes wisdom.