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About Us

Our vision and mission

Founded in 1999, Szul is one of the first jewelers to offer a remarkably wide selection of diamond and gemstone jewelry online. Szul has become the leading e-commerce retailer of quality fine jewelry by building trusting, confident relationships. We continue to strive to bring our customers the highest quality products, values, and services through our easy and convenient online store.

Szul means real value

Szul sources and manufactures diamond and gemstone jewelry from specialized markets around the world, making it possible to offer our customers fine jewelry at the best prices.

Szul ensures product quality and value by

  • eliminating the "middleman" retailer
  • buying in volume
  • buying the right
  • goods from the right markets
  • being customer-conscious at every stage of production
  • offering our products solely through the Internet

How do we stand out from the crowd of online jewelry sites?

Unlike other jewelry sites, Szul is not an extension of a standard retail store but an exclusively Internet-based company. By controlling our sourcing, manufacturing, and product distribution, we can bring fine jewelry to the public at exceptional prices while raising the quality bar on the competition.

Location, location, location

Szul is located at the heart of Manhattan's Diamond District, which allows us immediate access to some of the best resources in the jewelry industry, both locally and worldwide.

What about guarantees and privacy?

We are committed to keeping all personal information confidential. We will not sell information or share information with any one else. Our encryption system protects customer information as it travels over the web to our secure servers. Then, we protect it again in our databases. Any customers who do not wish to provide us with any information may simply contact us and indicate so. We will be happy to honor such requests.

The Company

Szul was founded by jewelry industry experts and seasoned Internet and e-commerce entrepreneurs. We are a privately held company. Should you have any further questions regarding, please feel free to reach us at