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Jewelry Guide - Gemstones

Semi Precious:

Blue Topaz

- Mohs hardness rating: 8

- From Brazil, Sri Lanka, Burma, Nigeria, US

This lovely gemstone, which is a member of quartz family, gets its name from the Sanskrit word for "fire."

Beloved by Egyptian pharaohs, topaz is the ultimate gem for promoting self-control. Wearing topaz is supposed to bring forth leadership qualities and help its wearer to take control of difficult situations.

It promotes wealth, excellent sleep, good health, and a long life. Topaz enhances sexual energy, promotes harmony and confidence, and sweetens the wearer’s disposition. It has even been said that wearing this stone will keep insanity at bay.

But, be careful -- Topaz is not invincible. It cracks and chips easier than many other gemstones, and should be treated with care.