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Matt F, February 23,2014
Very disappointed
The most gorgeous ring ever!!!
Inga, February 23,2014
Very helpful customer service.
Got this for valentines day, great gift. Shipping was slow but it got here on time.
evropej a, February 23,2014
Good products but arrived much later than the guarantee for Valentine's Day.
Travis S, February 23,2014
Site is easy to navigate.
Great necklace for wife
isaac c, February 23,2014
Affordable jewelry
Antonio M, February 22,2014
Nice earrings but smaller than expected.
Curtis A, February 22,2014
Very disappointed in Szul- You broke your promise.
Bernard M, February 22,2014
Dear Szul customer service, The Valentine gift I ordered for my wife, and guaranteed by you to arrive on Valentine's Day, arrived today. It was four days late! The five dollar compensation you offer for this incident is disingenuous and insulting. On one of the MOST important romantic days of the year, Szul couldn't keep its advertised promise to deliver a Valentine's day gift within two days. Instead it took six days. You said "Guaranteed delivery by Friday." I say "You should be ashamed." You can check USPS package tracking too. You should know if any ordered gift is going to be delivered late. You should should notify the customer(s) who ordered the gift, apologize proactively and offer some residual compensation. To do so, after the fact is poor performance and a credibility killer for your brand.
still not received the earing, It should received before Feb 14th, Valentine's Day. In orther that i need to buy another thing on store.
yukun l, February 22,2014
still not received the earing, It should received before Feb 14th, Valentine's Day. In orther that i need to buy another thing on store.
Very pleased with the pendant I ordered. Not with the chain which was advertised as a "cable chain" & isn't. I don't feel the chain I received is sturdy enough for the pendant.
Nona N, February 22,2014
The site was misleading on the chain that came with the pendant.
Happy, Happy Customer
Randy J, February 22,2014
2nd purchase from szul, both very satisfactory.
I am happy and will shop again but..
Raviraja G, February 22,2014
The sizes are not clear from the pictures. It would be better if the pictures show a wearing pictures of the jewellery just like how they show in amazon to get an understanding of the actual size of the jewellery.
Most lab created stones very disappointing, some even disgusting.
Steven W, February 22,2014
Average, with too many problems with many items ordered. Most lab created stones were very disappointing.
Most lab created stones were very disappointing, so returned all items.
Steven W, February 22,2014
Lab created stones a very big disappointment.
Steven W, February 22,2014
Was expecting decent quality lab created stones.
Will never buy from again, have made it a point to make sure everyone knows how horrible a company you are.
Kazuki Y, February 22,2014
Ordered a piece with guaranteed delivery by valentines day, the 14th. Received the item on the 18th. Asked what can be done as I was GUARANTEED the product by the 14th, I was given a $5 credit. You guys are the biggest joke ever, and I have already posted negative feedback about you on the blog that I originally heard about you. A huge shame, and overall a hugely dissapointing and negative experience. You should know that one pissed off client is much louder than 20 happy clients.
Happy customer!
Dwight M, February 22,2014
Good quality jewelry, and great value!
The package didnt arrive in time for valentine despite extra shopping cost
Kamalesh S, February 22,2014
The USPS hasent given me my item yet and its been like a week already. Awful...
Andrew H, February 21,2014
Still haven't gotten my item and its been like a week. No good...
Good place to buy
Donald G, February 21,2014
Nice pendant/earrings set.
Oleksandr D, February 21,2014
First, the pendant/earrings set arrived without the earrings. So I called the customer service and they promptly shipped the earrings as well.
Luv the earrings!!!! Happy Shopper
Penny V, February 21,2014
Great shopping experience.
Great prices, quality items
Hirsa H, February 21,2014
Will do business again
Iā€™m a not so happy customer and will think again to shop again in Szul!
sasmita m, February 21,2014
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