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Excellent matching set, with bright blue color.
Darlene N, October 27,2014
Great experience.
I´m not very happy because ring was delivered too late for me and its quality wasn´t very good.
Jaroslav J, October 20,2014
Ring was delivered much more later then I expected
Took a chance
Solin H, October 11,2014
Easy to navigate
The look like diamonds!
michelle c, October 09,2014
Szul has, over-the-top customer service!
I would not recommend szul.
Colin K, October 07,2014
Customer service was reassuring but the product was not. They tell you what you want to hear.
I'm an Upset Customer and may not Shop at your Store Again!
Stephen G, October 05,2014
I made my purchase on 09/20/2014. Your site showed it was shipped on Sept 24. However, As of Sept 29 the UPS site did not show receiving the package. I emailed customer service on Sept 30 requesting if indeed my order had been shipped. On October 1, Customer Service emailed back, "Please wait 24 hours after it had been shipped to check the UPS site". It had been a week! The UPS site now shows they are shipping the package with a scheduled delivery date of next Tuesday. I had ordered over $750 in jewelry for my Wife's Birthday on Oct 3 believing that your store would treat this order as they had treated me in the past; Unfortunately, my orderwas initially lost, the shipment late, and the Customer Service was less than I had experienced in the past. If I had been told that the shipment was going to be delayed, I could have told my wife her present was delayed but worth the wait; instead, all I could do was worry if the package was stolen or lost.
Much poorer quality than other jewelry I have purchased online.
Brittany K, October 04,2014
always checking
michele r, September 30,2014
Happy with most things
Tasha J, September 30,2014
It was good pretty easy to find nice things at a reasonable price
This was a purchase I wish I would have skipped.
Elizabeth H, September 30,2014
Center stone was supposed to be pink, it is clear with absolutely no sparkle. I know stones vary, but this one would be in file 13 in my book. Would have been ok if center stone looked like anything but plexiglass. Live and learn, and I learned not to order again.
Beautiful gemstone!
Donna J, September 29,2014
Very good and easy to navigate
Thaer M, September 25,2014
Make me hate it, never think of try it again.
I feel ok and may shop again.
Yanqing L, September 20,2014
I am satisfied with my items , low price and high quality
KYUNG, September 18,2014
I am not too happy with this purchase as the clasp is broken on the chain.
Jennifer R, September 18,2014
I love this site and have ordered a lot of things which I have always been happy with.
Love this site!!
Satin S, September 12,2014
I Adore this website! Amazing deals! Awesome prices! And I appreciate how easy it is to maneuver around the site to find what ever I may be looking for. A +++++.
Girlfriend was happy
Gary R, September 08,2014
I love it
Perfect for Me!
Michelle R, September 04,2014
Search function could be a little better. Purchased a wedding band as well. Can't wait till that comes in as well.
Happy customer.
David D, August 31,2014
Great product at a sale price!
Jing L, August 21,2014
I lost one of them after a couple of week of wearing them-the silver is too soft and the hook wasn't strong enough. I am expecting to buy another pair when they are on sale again (to match the one left).
I am not happy with my shopping with SZUL
Weikang M, August 11,2014
bad experience. I sent my stuff back three weeks ago, and I still didn't get my money back
Not here
Lynn E, August 09,2014
I have not received item yet. Waiting to hear from post office I guess.
Julia H, August 08,2014
I do not have my item. First experience is not good.
I will continue to shop with Szul. Love all my purchases.
wanda C, August 06,2014
Love my earrings. Stunning and much better than I expected.
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