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Gemstone Stud Pendants

Gemstone Stud Pendants | Gemstone Studs | Gemstone Diamond Stud Pendants | Gemstone Diamond Studs Earrings

Round Gemstone Pendants

The Round Shaped gemstone is a classic and timeless cut that provides a light reflection that will bring out the vibrant fire of any stone

Oval Gemstone Pendants

The Oval Shaped gemstone is the ideal example of balance and form. A wonderful cut that ensures a gems vibrant brilliance.

Pear-Shape Gemstone Pendants

The Pear Shaped color stone is a testament to sophistication and elegant flare. This rare and unique cut is wonderful for all occasions and will be admired forever

Heart-Shape Gemstone Pendants

No better way to show your love than with a fabulous Heart Shaped gemstone. A symbolic cut that will be treasured forever

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